Chantelle Paige Twisted

Текст песни Chantelle Paige Twisted

It’s a crazy twisted world
And you can enter, if you dare
Enter into my world
I’ll be flirtin’ it up, I’ma make your head swirl
This fantastical feeling
Well it comes about when your tummy’s turning
A sexy soothing sensation comes with my every touch
I’ll nuzzle, cuddle make you think that this could be
true love
I’ll turn your world right upside down
where down is up and up is down
now put your hands upon the ground
and shake it till the song begins
Twisted oh ya oh ya, now twist it twist it
It’s twisted oh ya oh ya, so twist it twist it
Go crazy when I lick my lips
You are falling for my charm, I’ma make your world flip
Tipsy topsy crazy spinning
and it’s all because of my tender teasing
Break it down
na na na na na na na na na na na na
Come closer
I wanna tell you…
I’m totally just into you
so come on now do what I tell you to
I’ll twist it to make sure you’re feelin’ me
Then move in close I’ll make you crazy