Chaos Inception The Abrogation

Текст песни Chaos Inception The Abrogation

Chaos Inception — The Abrogation
Voices beckon me
Calling me to rise above the shadows
Illumination of a vision… Mine!
From Behind the Sky
The scourge of its bane is unfurled for all to see
Antithesis of life I am
Banished and besieged
Arising… This Day of my ascension
Oblivion… To Hearken the Day
Dominance… Violence and Vengeance
Shall reign from my Hierarchy
Antithesis of life I am
Anthropomorphist of death I have become
Shallow cries… Begging me for Mercy
Fragments of Illusion Fall like rain
Battered Knees bending before me
Hollowed eyes… Peering from the soul
Dwelling within my being
Spoken from the lips of Gods
Forging a world of pain
A world in which I shall abrogate!
Solo (Tendrils Flicker and Dance, Just Before The Darkness Agglomerates and
Overwhelms. All Shall Fall.)
Vengeance from beyond the grave
Harbinger of Disease
The formless beast Speaks to me
Voices… Uttering my commands in the voice of a Deity
Violence is the language through which I speak
And this shall be, my final Testimony!