Chaosbreed Rotting Alive

Текст песни Chaosbreed Rotting Alive

Welcome to your bloodred nightmare!
The spell must be broken reality’s a dream
Reality’s a life-long nightmare
And nothing as it seems
Rotting alive, ready to be reborn
Rotting alive, ready to be no more
The spell can’t be broken this suffering is real
The demons are my life-long partners they
Live beneath my skin
Maggots crawling thru my living flesh
Take the blade and let ’em out!
Degenerating starts from mother’s milk
You rat fuck you’re all gonna die!!!
Die and die again!!!
The demons come again! 1000 razor blades!
Fuck up my living flesh! I’ve died a million deaths!
The spell has been broken reality’s revealed
The demons are just taking breath now
And by dawn they’ll start again!