Chaotica Something Wicked

Текст песни Chaotica Something Wicked

Something wicked
This way comes for you
Cultivates your fears
And burrows through
Burns the light away
And leaves the hate
Frail is the mind
Of this wicked state
Can you feel it
Building up inside?
Can you feel
Your mental suicide?
Losing everything,
Everyone that you see;
God have mercy
On the likes of me
Deafens that which
You cannot explain.
Fury building up inside
Your chest again
Futile is the path
On which you
Lightly tread
Why should you
Retaliate when your
Cause is dead?
Passion fizzles out
Like it’s a
Candle flame
Darkness rides along
With many
Different names
Tempers fueled with
Primal instinctual rage
The inner beast
Escapes the outer cage
Frailty, now it’s time
To watch the giant fall
Empty is the heart
After it’s seen it all
Hollow is the soul
When all is said
And done
Now you’re left alone