Chakal Jason Lives

Текст песни Chakal Jason Lives

Crystal lake now is his crypt
Crystal lake now is his domain
Jason lives!
The divine anxiety of life-he doesn’t know
Jason steps-trails of death
His figure walks through the night
And the air has a strange energy
As if death is on the wait
While they sleep-he gets up
His brain at war haunting his spirit
The night has a morbid shine
The mask hide his agony…his rotten face
Your rotten face, jason
A hate out of control corrodes his bowels
A voice from the past forces him to slay
Signs from the past torment his insane mind
Jason lives
Mutilated corpses spreaded in everywhere
Faces covered by blood and wounds
A dagger striking without stopping
Flesh opens up and blood floods
Jason lives!
Screams echo in the vastness
His due will never be paid
His thirst will never be quenched
Jason lives-and his inhuman force shows no mercy
Jason lives-death congratulates his slave
Jason lives!!!