Chakal Mr. Jesus Christ

Текст песни Chakal Mr. Jesus Christ

If your religion teaches
Life destroys me don’t come with this sickness
About christianism
Miracles-won’t make you god!
Don’t benumb me with words
Don’t obly me to enter in churches
I blaspheme against you-mr.
Words don’t kill my hunger
Love doesn’t clean up my soul
Churches don’t show me the truth
The bible doesn’t give me knowledge
You with your promises of eternal life
Don’t call me a sinner
Just leave me alone
You’ve played with all the world
[solo: mark — pepeu — mark — pepeu]
How many Christs will mankind crucify
How many Christs will the religion make?
To show that mankind had dignity some day
Don’t save me from hell, you fool
You’ve said you would return
You’ve said you would save us
You’ve blinded us with your lies
You’ve used the whole mankind!!!