Chakal Terminal Brain

Текст песни Chakal Terminal Brain

I live or die
Alone I am-with my disgrace
Looking at mirror-looking at my cadaverous face
Convulsion-this kills my brain
Forever enslaved-forever I’ll be
Nothing to hide-when darkness covers you
Nothing to hide-when you confess your sins
You’ve always known-that bible defecate lies
But you, fool, have to believe in something
You are forever enslaved
Terminal brain-I’m a bastard son of god
Terminal brain-I’m a bastard son of bitch
Crucified by my insanity
Without choice-without sense-live to die?
Terminal brain
Terminal man
Paranoid-agony and pain
My brain is forcing me…
Telling me to kill myself
Aaargh! bastard world
We were born almost in ruin
Before you were born, the mankind was already ready to
Destroy you
[Solo: mark]
Past is only shadows
Caves that I’m through on each dream
Caves terrorized in deep of my soul