Chakal The Dead Walk

Текст песни Chakal The Dead Walk

Bodies impaled on the scalding horizons of hell
Beasts growling-eager for blood
The master of vengeance guide their steps
Through the valley of death-they crawl
Dawn of the dead!!!
Dusk of the dead!!!
I can see
Dead walk-they have gone through the domain of hell
Dead walk-now they stand up!
Dead walk-there’s no light on their living
Dead walk-there’s no reason for them to live
Dead walk-but they live again
The dead walk
[solo: mark]
The dead walk
[solo: pepeu]
Infesting the world
Uncontrolled despair on the streets
All of them are in panic!
The gods never lie
On the bible is written that Lazarus lives!
The dead walk!
The dead lives-they want their places
Your dead relatives want to find you!
Welcome to the dead
We’ll have a guest tonight
The newspaper are saying
The dead walk!