Chameleons Pleasure And Pain

Текст песни Chameleons Pleasure And Pain

White as a cotton clown
Silence sea and sky
Innocent as the child
Always asking why
I can take you there
I can show you
I can take you there
I’ll be there
Gently catching you as you fall
Hearing you when you call
Smiling as we climb
Smiling crocodiling
Certainly as the sun
Bakes a Sahara day
Ancient as the hills
Crumbling into clay.
I can take you there
(Rest of chorus)
It’s pleasure and pain
No loss no gain
Pleasure and pain
Again and again
Pleasure and pain.
I can take you there
(Rest of chorus)
This madness, this laughter
Outward feelings I can’t control
Those coloured lights are leading me
Is it you?
Is it me?