Lowest of the Low Everywhere And Nowhere

Текст песни Lowest of the Low Everywhere And Nowhere

It’s been a year of sad disclosure
of tragic news and visitations
we feel so far from the medication
and taxi rides so high
i wonder how have you been sleeping
does it still hurt every time you breathe in
does that old film still make you weep
and are you still dying to believe it
like so much light in so much darkness
a silver womb where you can hide out
until the street that brought you harkens
you’re so suprised when its still light out
now your name is cannon fodder
on their tongues its a convolution
no rounded vowels for a gringo daughter
from the cops of the revolution
and if its sickles then its hammers
or drunken hotel-lobby armchairs
and if its midnight in havana
we must be everywhere and nowhere
So here’s a toast to biting the hand that feeds us
and to babstock quotes hanging in the air between us
I’ll spin this globe with my little finger (eyes that shine like candles)
you pack your bag and write that letter (light in so much darkness)
We’ll see how far the charm can take us (midnight in Havana)
To some place where the coffee’s bitter
And jsut like the lights off the highway
unravel into translucent ribbons
Like headlights in a rearview mirror
seem like they’re everywhere and nowhere
Yeah we’ll be everywhere and nowhere