Lowkey Average

Текст песни Lowkey Average

I ain’t your average rapper, I ain’t just talented
Amendment, I’m the greatest
Haters say that it’s arrogance
I ain’t having it not in your face because of management
It’s cos of the fact I make classic shit
So call the ambulance, because I’m back in this like Lazarus
The hazardous annalist, assassin anarchist
So what you stacking chips you standing
I rate your raping clip
faker than Pamela Anderson massive tits
It’s the best flow on the MIC
Above any yank whether west coast or NYC
Best believe I got the memory of the elephant
And as many enemies as Americas president
Listen cuzi don’t worry, trust me with gully with it
It’s Lowkey that ain’t a nickname or funny gimmick
You need a camera to catch a man(?)stature on the stand
You ain’t ramping with an average rapper!