Lowkey Crazy World

Текст песни Lowkey Crazy World

I got a call from doc like «hey bro»
We’re gettin played on Zane Lowe’s Radio Show
What Station? Radio 1… I’m like «Stop messin around you crazy old chump»
I had to hear for myself,
I’m on national radio but nowhere near to the wealth
And it’s like our track don’t even exist
And the Dj ain’t even sayin Lowkeys in this shit
I Phoned up like «Blud get this shit straight»
And he did mate, great minds think alike
Were both peaceful rappers, and the samples used could bring legal matters
We rocked cargo infront of media asshole
I must’ve looked like an animal to them
The next week, the tune got played on Capital FM
Since then, them pricks been chattin shit like «Jonathan Ross, I won’t stop till top of the pops»
Its a crazy world, run by tabloids
Bad boys and bad girls need this
So people support the mad world remix
By Doc Brown, Lowkey, Produced by DJ snips