Lowkey Why

Текст песни Lowkey Why

Why does everyone say, UK hiphop is rubbish
Why are all these female MCs so _
Why did Double P get choped by BMG
Why are major lables promoting all the weak MCs
Why do they hate, when I got love?
Why did Mace come back and why aint Shyne locked up
furthermore, Why is that they call it Urban
Why do some people think that muslims wear turbans
Why do I front, when really Im quite better
Why did Yanks copy rappers of Dizzee and Mike Skinner
Why did it take them so long to catch Ian Huntley
And why is it just puppies and prats leading this country
Why did the media murder So Solid
They say United Front merging and they dont want it
Why does this rapper here have the stacks from _ later
Why didn’t the Feds help _ Taylor
All that I’ve been giving
Is the pain that Im reliving
They got me in the system
why they gotta do me like that
I try to do it my way
stand up on the highway
Oh why?
Why Is the smartest man on earth Stephen Hawking
He can’t even walk and he needs a machine for talking
Why spit if you reppin Yankee
Why didn’t people remember what happened in Nagasaki
Why inspect others for weapons if you’re known to sell guns
And why would a person ever chose to blow themselves up
Why didn’t Jaz-O blow up and why did Jay-Z
Why did Nas blow up and why didn’t AZ
Why are Puff Daddys people called Bad Boys
Why did they blame Dianas death on the tabloids
Why do I own a phone if I dont answer it
Why did they find Saddam but don’t know where Osama is
Why am I still seeing my brother, though he’s long gone
And why didn’t Eazy E wear a condom
Why aint anyone thinking straight
And why all of a sudden, is everyone rating Justin Timberlake
Why does everyone mourn Biggie and Tupac
when Big L and Big Pun were better, and really they proved that
Why did Nas and Jay Z begging with Tupac
When they were the ones he was spitting his tunes at
Why does kids like music that makes mum and dad pissed of
but why don’t the media understand hiphop
Why are P Diddy and Suge really friends
and why did that f-ing Bush have to win again
Why when Im hustlin and shottin CDs
Does every female I approach want a freebie
Why aint people listening when they hear the raps
Why is everyone wearin New-Era hats
Why aint the world run by a man who’s sane
Why did they link the Twin Towers to Saddam Hussein
Why do they spy on us and deprive our freedom
Why is the same eyes so blind to reason
Tell me WHY?