Lucas Carpenter Hair That Way

Текст песни Lucas Carpenter Hair That Way

It’s just that I need more space is what you say to me
As you brush the bangs off the side of your face.
Spoken with true confidence, do to several months,
Of my constant reassurance.
But I can’t take all the credit for you becoming what you are,
‘Cause I had help from your fellow employees,
Your frat-house-friends, and the chorus of cat calls from the bar.
Then you give me some line about how our friendship’s built from trust,
And how we need to be truthful and fair,
And honest to the both of us
Well, while we’re being honest…
You know, I never did like your hair that way anyway.
You looked like a boy it was way too loud,
Thank god that you grew it out.
‘Cause you looked like a chia pet when it rained,
Oh, it rained.
And I never had the nerve to say it to your face.
But I never did like your hair that way, anyway.
Then out pours your platonic army,
Head to toe in armor, of Abercrombie & Fitch.
Declaring that I’m nothing more than some ungrateful schmuck.
‘Cause any sane man would kill for your touch.