Lucero Dodgin' Bullets

Текст песни Lucero Dodgin' Bullets

I been dodgin’ the girls like they were bullets
And up til the time I met you, I’d done my best
Until you came along and you took aim
And your big ol’ 12 gauge shells caught me square in the chest
Now I’ve been dodgin’ the girls like bullets from a gun
Hell, it’s only a matter of time til I got myself shot by one
Now there’s no way, I can beat your six guns with six strings
Even if I’m more charming than butch cassidy
Cause you’re faster than sundance
And I don’t stand a chance if the gun pointed at me is your’s
Hell I used to be fast but time caught up at last
And I can’t dodge them bullets no more
You got me cornered
Got me all shot up
Make a try for the horses
And hope that, hope you can’t catch up
I know that I’ll be square in your sights the moment that I reach that door
Well, I’ve dodged many bullets in my life I hope that I can dodge one more
Hope I dodge one more