Lucero Poor Heartache

Текст песни Lucero Poor Heartache

Well my heart is growin’, it’s bearing wings
Despite all the pain that you can bring to a heart, a heart so true
Like the one in you,
Now my heart has got, bearing wings, they are dead, and left this fool’s heart in pain
But I want a heart so true, like the one in you.
And now I know, we’re still kids, but that don’t change the things I did,
The pain girl, this poor heartache, now I’m not worth it and you’ll realize it, someday down the line.
Well my hearts flying, off the ground, but it’ll sure come crashing back down.
When it does, well I won’t have you and your heart so true.
And now I know, were still kids, but that don’t change, the things I did, to make your poor heartache.
I’m not worth it and you’ll realize it, someday, down the line.
And now I know were still little kids, no you can’t forgive the things I did, you’ll find another heart so true and you’ll break that poor boy’s heart right on to, down the line
On down the line, on down the line.