Lucero Slow Dancing

Текст песни Lucero Slow Dancing

Smoking the cigarettes more than I should
My hands won’t stop shaking and that can’t be good
I would forget you if only I could
Think about anything else
Slow dance at the end of the night
And everyone’s looking who cares if it’s right
Your head on my chest I held you so tight
I don’t care what they have to say
Our feet were too drunk to keep step in time
But we held fast and we made it through fine
Hell you smiled a lot, hell you smiled a lot
Chairs on the tables they’re mopping the floors
We’re still dancing just like before
You held me tight, oh you held me tight
The light from the disco ball surrounds us with starrs
And I looked like trouble right from the start
You told me so hell you told me so
And that slow dance didn’t last very long
So now I guess I’ll be moving on
well it was nice
God damn it was nice